mardi 27 juin 2006

Les Nazgûls

"Not long ago, the Black Gate of Armonk swung open. The lights went out, my skin crawled, and dogs began to howl. I asked my neighbor what it was and he said, 'Those are the nazgul. Once they were human, now they are IBM's lawyers.'"


Pour qui connais le Seigneur des Anneaux et IBM, cela peut amuser, sinon ce n'est pas la peine de lire.

The term Nazgûl has been used to refer to IBM's cadre of lawyers, with whom it has been said that IBM can blacken the sky—particularly with reference to the SCO v. IBM lawsuit because they supposedly never sleep, are utterly ruthless, and are completely loyal servants to their master. In addition, it has been said that they are "probably really nice people. They would be nicer too if they had (say) blood or souls like normal people." This usage, which has been suggested to be traced back to the 1969–1982 IBM antitrust suit with the United States Department of Justice, appears to have originated in a comment on Slashdot.

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